Review iBoss House Web Filtering Wireless N Router

Review iBoss House Web Filtering Wireless N Router

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The iBoss combines the best in Internet Adult Controls with a powerful built-in Wireless Firewall Router to bring you the supreme in house network defense for your family. The iBoss allows you to share your Web connection securely at home with all of your wired and wireless computer systems while providing powerful Web filtering technology that puts you in control of your Kid’s activities on the Web.

Flexible parental controls enable you to easily restrict access to certain categories of Web destinations and handle your Kid’s time invested using online programs (online chat and messenger programs, file sharing, gaming and more). Different filtering guidelines can be setup for various computer systems. The iBoss creates detailed reports on Web activity which can be viewed and immediately e-mailed.

Unlike software application solutions, one gadget guards an entire network and makes tampering difficult. Works with Mac, Windows, Linux, gaming gadgets and iPod Touch. Little computer experience is needed!

Annual Filtering Membership:.95 annually. Cancel anytime.